Solace in Stitches

If I have not been writing, rest assured that my creativity has not been dormant.

In the past few weeks, have found a lot of companionship and creativity in knitting.

Socializing over stitches

Between joining an online group for writers who enjoy knitting and finding a local knitting group that meets weekly, I’ve found myself coming out of my shell a little more. It’s easy for me to retreat and embody the Hermit — and as an introvert, I can go weeks and even months without realizing how much of the word I am missing. Because despite being connected to so many people through the internet, I find myself very lonely amongst the creatives.

Everyone seems to have their own group and it’s hard for a quiet introvert to break through to join them.

But attending a weekly knitting group gets me out of the house. I may not always participate in the current conversation, but often I find that just listening to other adults is very soothing. Remember that most days, my only companion for conversation is a 2yo or 5yo.

Online it’s much the same — I may not always participate in the conversation, but I feel less alone.

I actually started a KAL through the online group, and though only a few people are participating, it’s nice to be involved in something with other people.

Threads of a story

A funny thing has happened, though, since I’ve started my newest project. It’s the Van Gogh Shawl, btw and the project we are doing for the KAL.

The contrast of the sparkly blues/purples/pinks against the somber gray reminds me of nebulas against  dark vastness of space. This, of course, makes my mind wander to science fiction and fantasy stories, which then leads me down a path I had begun to travel a year ago, but abandoned due to life — moving, two young children, other obligations, etc.

You see, I had a story once that was strictly fantasy.

On a whim, one day, I saw a brief image of how this fantasy could have elements of science fiction. Sci-Fantasy. I started several times, but since the glimpse I had of this possibility was so small and faint, I didn’t have a way to grasp at it.

I still don’t — but I’m finding that each stitch in this shawl is like a small puzzle piece. With every knit and every dropped stitch, I see another brief glimpse at how to work this story idea.

But I am realistic about the progress I can make here — in a few weeks I am facing yet another move (thank you, military lifestyle) and now I have a business to run in addition to caring for my family. The threads are there, however, and I’ve been making mental and physical notes to the inspiration that comes to mind.

There is writing happening, too, but I know better now than to set daily, weekly or even monthly word counts. For now, writing when the muse wills it is what works for me (as well as writing by hand!).

Where has your muse been taking you recently?

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