Tarot Reading


Whether you can’t decide what step to take next in your career or creative process or you just want general guidance to move forward — this is for you.

Each reading is custom designed for the querent and their question and includes an additional oracle card guidance reading at no additional cost.




I specialize in tarot readings for creatives and entrepreneurs. My supportive, but no BS style of reading is centered on gentle guidance with actionable steps to move forward.

My clients include creative minds of all colors: writers, other tarot readers, entrepeneurs, knitters, musicians and more.

Before you book a reading, please read my Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Common questions include:

“I feel like I have two ways to go on this project. How do I know which path is best for me and business/project?”

“I have no motivation for my creative process. What can I do jump start my creativity?”

“I want to start this business, but I am not sure if I will be successful. What steps can I take to increase my odds of success?”