Planting seeds in winter


It’s been awhile since I’ve found a quiet moment to sit with my cards and do some journaling. Usually my “quiet” moments are a few minutes stolen between temper tantrums — long enough for me to make a cup of coffee, but not drink it.

So it was nice to come home from dropping off my daughter at school to find the house still quiet and asleep. I made my cup of coffee, lit a candle and decided to skip checking email in favor of taking time with my tarot cards.

My stress has been pretty high lately, and there have been a couple of anxiety attacks along with difficulty sleeping.

So as I shuffled my cards, I noticed that my mind was totally blank except for the question I was asking. My heartbeat slowed and as I shuffled and laid out the cards, I felt noticeably calmer than I have in days. Maybe even weeks.

This reading in particular did not reveal anything new and life-changing, but rather reminded me of what I already knew, but needed to put into action. Which was nice, considering this was what I was asking the cards — what did I need to do/hold on to, and what did I need to let go of.

On a whim, I looked at the shadow card (the card at the bottom of the deck) and found Temperance. A nice little reminder that I need to continue to work on finding that balance.

If you look at the cards in the image, I pulled the ace of pentacles and the queen of pentacles. Which I basically took as saying, “Let go of the illusion that your garden is ready for harvesting. You are not queen of the garden yet because there is no garden to be queen of. You are the Ace. You must plant the seed and start the garden.”

And from a numerical standpoint, as the ace I am at the very, very beginning. The queen is basically near the end….I have a long way to go before I can be at her level…and knowing the suit the of pentacles as I do, there is a lot of work ahead of me.

I’m not afraid of work, but I do often need a reminder to be patient with the work I am doing. I struggle with that. A lot.

Even in my writing — especially in my writing — I find myself frustrated when things aren’t progressing as fast as I want them to. When I can picture things in my mind so vividly, it can be aggravating that it isn’t coming down on paper the way I see it in my head.

(…this could also be that I am a perfectionist who does not plot…)

Anything you want in life takes time. It takes work. In order to grow, you must first plant the seed.

So this is me, planting seeds in winter because fuck it. I’ma do what I want.

My Seeds

  • Continue growing my LuLaRoe business.
  • Find the time to write regularly.
  • Take time each week for tarot and journaling.
  • Do more self care rituals. Incorporate spell work if needed.
  • Reach out and start to find friends. Get out of the house more.

Sure, come January or February I’ll be hella frustrated that I’m not seeing anything sprout…but winter isn’t forever. But with some hard work and a little luck, I’ll be Queen come spring.

What seeds are you planting in your life right now? If you find yourself struggling, book a reading with me. I’d love to create a custom spread designed to fit your needs and help you discover which seeds to plant in your winter garden. 😉